Pokemon Hentai May

Pokemon Hentai May

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Pokemon Xxx Comic

Pokemon Xxx Comic

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Pokemon Jessie Porn

Pokemon Jessie Porn

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Pokemon Naked Misty

Pokemon Naked Misty

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Misty Pokemon Naked

Misty Pokemon Naked

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Pokemon XD: The search for Ashley Ketchum

Chapter 1

It has been a week since Ashley Ketchum got her very first pokemon, Pichu, and started her journey. They got off to a rocky start, but her dad said that him and Raichu were the same way. After Pichu let her know he didn’t like it’s pokeball, Ashley decided that he could stay out of the ball. After 2 days they made it to Viridian city, to challenge the gym leader, but, she had to have at least 3 pokemon to compete. Ashley decided that she would challenge the gyms like her dad and she also decided that she would enter contest like her mother. After leaving Viridian city, Ashley came across a Rattata. Pichu and Rattata battled and she caught it. While she was in Viridian forest, she came across a Pidgeot. This Pidgeot was in fact her father’s old friend. Pidgeot let her get on her back and took her for a ride to it’s nest where she showed Ashley her baby Pidgey. Pidgeot explained that her baby needed a good trainer to take care of her. Ashley decided that she would like to be Pidgey’s trainer. Pidgeot approved, but Ashley had to capture Pidgey on her own. After she caught Pidgey, Pidgeot carried Ashley to the end of the forest where she would pick up a trail that would take her to Pewter City, The home of her Uncle Brock. His brother, Forrest was the Pewter City Gym leader and she was looking forward to battling him. On the outskirts of the city she ran into a man who was trying to sell her so rocks as souvenirs. Ashley was prepared for this, by her father, and told Flint who she was. Flint was happy to meet her and took her to the Pewter City Gym. After catching up with her Uncle Brock eating lunch prepared by him, and showing him her pokemon, Ashley was ready to challenge the Forrest. Upon entry to the gym, she was greeted by Ludicolo, Steelix, Geodude, Forretress, Crobat, Swampert, and Sudowoodo. All the sudden there was a big explosion in the gym and 2 figures stood there in the smoke

“Prepare fro trouble”

“Make it double”

“To protect the world from devastation”

“To unite all people within our nation”

“To denounce the evils of truth and love”

“To reach for the stars above”



“Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light”

“So surrender now or prepare to fight”

“Persian, that’s right”


“Team Rocket! I thought you guys were not going to bother us again.” said Brock

“Yea, well, we are as good as out word, Team Rocket is not after Ash, we are not part of Team

Rocket the organization, anymore, and we are part of Team Cipher now”

They took off there “R” shirts and in it’s place was a “C” shirt

“Now we are looking for a trainer named Ashley, she was suposed to be here now!” said Jessie

“I am Ashley.” she said

“Good, now if you come along nicely, no one will get hurt.” said Jessie

“I don’t think so, My dad told me about you.” said Ashley

“Who is your dad?” asked James

“You know him quite well, Ash Ketchum.” said Brock

“So that is Ash and May’s daughter huh, good, such a weekling.” said Jessie

“I’ll show you how week I am, How about a battle?” Said Ashley

“Fine, Go Dustox” said Jessie

“Ok, Pichu, I choose you.” said Ashley “Thundershock them.”

The Thundershock hit Dustox and Team Cipher electrocuting them

“That hurt. That Pichu of yours, Is it…” asked Jessie

“Yes it’s Raichu’s baby.” said Brock

“Good, if we can’t have Raichu, well have it’s offspring.” said Jessie. “Time for our secret weapon’s the boss gave us, right James”

“Right, go Houndoom” said James

“Go Seviper” said Jessie

Both pokemon came out of there pokeballs and had a dark aurora around them.

“Oh shit, Shadow pokemon.” said Brock “How the hell did you get them?”

“From our boss, of course.” Said Jessie

“You know using shadow Pokemon comes with a life sentence don’t you/” said Brock

“If we are caught.” said Jessie

“Ashley get out of here, I’ll hold them off.” said Brock

“No I want to help.” said Ashley grabbing a pokeball from her belt

“Trust me, I doubt that your dad would have much of a chance ageist shadow pokemon, trust me get out of here and call your Aunt Jenny.” said Brock

Ashley started to run; Brock’s Steelix tried to battle, but was no match for the shadow pokemon. Jessie and James then caught up to Ashley and whisked her away in there meowth balloon.

Ash and May were at there house in Palette Town making love, when the door bell rang. “Damn, we’ll be there in a minute.” said Ash as he put on his bath robe. “You stay there May, I’m not done yet.” said Ash

“Hurry and get rid of them Ash.” said May

Ash opens the door and an Officer Jenny is standing there. “Is this the Ketchum residence?” said Jenny

“Yes is, is there a problem Officer?” Asked Ash

“Are you the Father of Ashley Ketchum?” asked Jenny

“Yes, what’s the problem, did Ashley do something wrong?” asked Ash

“Can I come in and talk to you and your wife?” asked Jenny

“I supose so.” said Ash as he let Jenny in. “May, Officer Jenny is here and it has something to do with Ashley.”

May got her cloths back on and went into the kitchen to talk to Officer Jenny

“I just go a call from my sister, the Pewter City Jenny” said Jenny

“Brock’s wife.” interupted Ash

“Yes. The Pewter city Gym was attacked by 2 members of Team Cypher, named Jessie and James.” said Jenny “They had Shadow Pokemon, and Brock tried to battle them, but he got seriously hurt. Your Daughter was running to get help but they caught up to her, but she was no match for them, and they kidnaped her.”

“Ashley was kidnaped?” you have to get her back.” said Ash

“Before this Team Cypher was only intrested in pokemon, do you have any idea why they would want your daughter?”

“If it was Jessie and James they want my Raichu.” said Ash

“If those mother fuckers do anything to my baby, they will regret it.” said May “They said they would leave us alone, they even got immunity for all there past crimes if they would help the police catch Team Rocket.”

“We were able to take down Team Rocket, but we never got there boss though.” said Jenny

“I’m going to Orre and getting our daughter back!” said Ash

“No, you should wait here for a ransom.” said Jenny

“No, I am going to take out Team Cypher. May why don’t you stay here.” said Ash

“If you think that you will be going by yourself, think again. I am going with you too.” said May

“Please be reasonable, you don’t know what they will do to your daughter if you come looking for them.” said Jenny

“If they do anything they will regret It.” said Ash “Come on Raichu, we need to go up to Gary’s lab to get some pokemon. I’ll have my mom stay here in case there is a ransom demand.” said Ash

Ash and May walk across the road and tell his mom what happened, she agreed to stay in Ash’s house while they were in Orre. They then walked up to Gary’s ranch and lab to retrieve some pokemon. “Hey Gary I need some of my pokemon.” said Ash

“Are you actually going to battle?” asked Gary

Ash then explained what happened with his daughter.

“I see, I know how stubborn you are Ash, so I won’t try to talk you out of it, but, you need to be prepared, so I have a contact in Orre that may help you, they are working on a top secret project and I think that you will be able to help them. Said Gary

“I’m just interested in getting my daughter back safe.” said Ash

“Trust me, just go to Pokemon HQ lab just outside of Gateon Port, and ask to see Prof Krane. They may have a lead on the whereabouts of Team Cipher.” said Gary

“O.K. I’ll do it. Now I need Venusaur, Snorlax, and Muk.” said Ash

“And I’ll need Blazikin, Ivysaur, Blastoise, Delcatty, Eevee, and my Snorlax.”said May

“Ash only has 4 pokemon; you’ll need more than that to handle Orre.” said Gary “You can use some of mine if you want.”

“That’s ok Gary. I’m calling Officer Jenny to get Blastoise and Liza to get Charizard.” said Ash

Liza and Jenny teleport Blastoise and Charizard to Ash. “Ready to go May?” asked Ash

“Yes I am, but Ash how are we getting to Orre?” Asked May

“I knew that I may have to get somewhere fast, so I have been storing this.” Said Ash pointing at a hot air balloon. “As soon As I hook Charizard up we can be on our way. Charizard I choose you.” Charizard came out of its pokeball. It was not happy to be in it and it used it’s flamethrower on Ash. “Good to see you too, Charizard. I need your help, My daughter Ashley was kidnapped and we need to go to Orre to rescue her. will you help me?”

Charizard nodded its head yes. Ash hooked Charizard up to the Hot Air balloon and they were off to Orre.

It took them a day to get to Orre. As soon as they landed in Gateon Port Ash recalled Charizard to it’s pokeball and headed to the Pokemon center to get treatments for his pokemon. Ash and May were wearing cloaks with hoods. They walked up to the pokemon center and saw 2 very familiar people standing outside.

“Look Ash its Butch and Cassidy” said May

“They will know where Ashley is.” said Ash. May and Ash walked up to the entrance hiding there faces.

“No one enters the Pokemon center without our permission” said Butch

“This Pokemon center is controlled by Team Cipher and only Team Cipher members can use it. For a small fee we can allow you to get treatment for any hurt pokemon.” said Cassidy

“What is the fee?” said Ash

“The fee is One hundred dollars.” said Cassidy

“We are not going to pay that fee. we are gong in anyway.” said Ash

“Who the hell do you think you are telling us what you are going to do?” asked Butch

Ash pulled off his cloak and reveled himself “My name is Ash Ketchum and I want some information from you.” said Ash

“Oh, the great pokemon master is here looking for his little girl. You better be getting back to Palette town if you know what’s good for you.” said Butch

“No. I want my daughter back.” said Ash

“I don’t think so; we gave you a chance, now we want your pokemon, If you want to leave in one piece.”

“I don’t think so.” said Ash

“Prepare for trouble”

“And Make that double”

“To infect the world with devastation”

“To blight all peoples in every nation.”

“To denounce the goodness of truth and lone.”

“To grab for the stars above”



“Team cipher Circling earth all day and Night

“So surrender now or you’ll surly loose the fight”

“So Cassidy and Bitch want to fight.” said Ash

“It’s Butch you idiot.” said Butch

“It may be Butch now, but it will be bitch when I an though with you.” said Ash

“Fine, if that is how you8 want to play, Go Hypno!” Said Butch

“Go, Gengar” Said Cassidy.

The two pokemon came out of there pokeballs and they were darker than usually, and they had red blood shot eyes. “Our Shadow pokemon will make short work of you.” said Butch

“Ok Raichu, ready for a battle?” said Ash

“Raichu.” said Raichu

“Blazikin, I choose you.” said May and her Blazikin came out of it’s pokeball.

“Shadow Twister.” said Butch

a black twister came out of Hypno and engulfed both Raichu and Blazikin

“Shadow Blitz” said Cassidy and Gengar smashed into Blazikin knocking it out.

“Now give is you pokemon and we won’t hurt you.” said Cassidy

“Fuck you. Blazikin return, take a long rest.” said May

“Raichu full power thunder!” said Ash

The electric bolt hit Gengar but missed Hypno. Gengar was not fazed much

“Shadow pokemon can not be beat by ordinary pokemon.” said Butch “Now who’s the bitch now?”

“Fine, you don’t want to play fair, I won’t either, Venusaur, Blastoise, Snorlax, Muk, Charizard, come on out!” said Ash “Venusaur Solar Beam, Blastoise Hydro Pump, Snorlax Hyper Beam, Muk Sludge Bomb, Charizard Overheat, Raichu Thunder!”

All 6 pokemon attacked as one and when it was all said and done, both Gengar and Hypno were knocked out.

Ash runs over and tackles butch to the ground, while May does the same to Cassidy. Ash knocks Butch out with a stiff right hand while May knocked Cassidy out with a kick to the head. May and Ash tie up Butch and Cassidy, when they come to they see a very angry looking Raichu looking at them.

“Where is our daughter being held?” Asked Ash

“Fuck you” said Butch

“Thunderbolt them Raichu!” said Ash. Raichu lets loose an electric bolt right into Butch and Cassidy “Now tell me where she is!”

“Go to hell!” said Cassidy

“Up the power Raichu” said Ash. Raichu let loose another electric bolt into Butch and Cassidy “I am sick of Asking the same question and not getting an answer, so this will be the last time. Where the fuck is my daughter!” yelled Ash

“You and you damn slut can go to hell.” “Yelled Ash

“Fine, my Raichu’s Thunder is enough to kill a human, so Raichu, thun-“

“O.K. well talk.” said Butch “your daughter is being held in headquarters, we don’t even know where it is.” said Butch

“What does Team Cipher want with her.” said Ash

“the rumor is that she is related to the boss. We really don’t know” said Butch “Our jobs were to not let anybody into this pokemon center without paying us, now would you please let us go?”

“I’ll let you go when Officer Jenny gets here.” said Ash

Officer jenny finds Ash with Butch and Cassidy, arrests them, and takes them away. “Looks like

Team Cipher is carted off again” said Butch and Cassidy

“May do you know anybody in your family that would be capable of kidnapping?” said Ash

“No. How about yours?” asked May?

“No, It’s just my mom and me. My grandparents and my dad died shortly before I was born.” said Ash.

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Cartoonnetwork Pokemon Dawn Naked

Cartoonnetwork Pokemon Dawn Naked

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Pokemon Nurse Joy Hentai

Pokemon Nurse Joy Hentai

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Pokemon Sex Stories Misty And Jessie

Pokemon Sex Stories Misty And Jessie

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Pokemon Porn

Pokemon Porn

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Pokemon Naked May

Pokemon Naked May

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Pokemon Cartoon Porn

Pokemon Cartoon Porn

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Dawn And May Pokemon Hentai

Dawn And May Pokemon Hentai

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Pokemon Sex Games Online

Pokemon Sex Games Online

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ash and Glaceon

Ash has been trying to get Dawn in bed for months, but never even got close. So, he catchs a Glaceon and fucks her. here we go.

Chapter 4: Ice is Hot.

“Come on Dawn, how about sleeping in my tent,” Ash said as he tryed to get dawn to sleep with him, again.

“Ash, for the hundreth time, I will not sleep with you!” dawn said realy loud as she went into her own tent to sleep with Piplup and her other Ash sat down on a tree stump by the camp fire, defeated and Brock was snerking at him

“What so funny?” Ash bracked at the older boy.

“You are! I mean, you’ve been trying to get in her pants a few months now, and made no porcress,” the tan boy said with a smile.

Ash thought, You have to be kiden me, says the man you has no porgress with every girl he saw. but he just got up and said, “I’m going to bed.” So he went to his own tent and zipped it up. In the tent, Ash got undressed and began to jerk him self as he thought Dawn. “Oh, Dawn,” Ash moaned as he was plesuring himself, and the shoot out his load all over his sleeping bag as he yeld, “Dawn, I’M CUUUMING.”

The next day, Ash and the gang were walking thru the forest when a rustling in the bushes. Dawn jumped back a step and Ash and Brock stepped in front of her as did Pikachu. The rustling contiued and out walk a Glaceon walked out, with cuts and bruses all over it. The poor thing looked at them with tears in her eyes, and then she calasped to the ground.

“Oh my god,” Ash said as he knelt down to the poor creature.

“The poor thing,” Dawn said as she walk over and knelt next to Ash.

“We need to find a center,” Brock said as he looked in the map, after a few minutes of looking, and looked at them concerned and said, “It’s five miles away, just down the path.”

“Fine,” Ash said as he took out a towel, rapped it around the poor pokemon, picked it upped, and then took off running straight down the path with pikachu right be hind him. Brock and Dawn looked each other, and then took off to catch up to Ash. Ash ran thru the forest getting cuts on his arms, face, and even his close were getting cutted up at the speed he was running. Ash kept on running after a few hours not letting up on his pass, or his mission. Brock and Dawn lost track of him, and just follewed his foot prence. After leaveing the woods, Ash came to a rocky hill, and just be low was the Pokemon Center. Ash rested a little, but stopped when he looked down and saw the towel was soked in blood. Ash then began to run down the steep hill, he tripped twice but kept his balence. As he got closer, the doors open and Ash did a baseball slipe as he was moving to fast. After he hit the desk with leg, he used his elbows to climd up, looked at the shock Nurse Joy, and said as he laid the Glaceon, “Pease, help her.” And with that, Ash past out, and fell to the floor.

“Ahh,” ash yeld as he awoken in a bed with his arms bandged up.

“Your finly awake,” Ash looked up and saw Brock, Dawn, and Nurse Joy looking at.

Ash was a little confussed, but it all came back to him, and he then bolted up and said, “What about the Glaceon?”

“She fine. She was hurt pretty badly, but you got her here in time,” Joy said

“Thank for helping my friend, with you lovely hands,” Brock said as he was on his knees and holding her hands. Brock was all smiles until he was sunned and dragged away by Croagunk

“What will happen to Glaceon?” Ash said with a frown.

“Sense she is not a trainers pokemon, she would be let out in the wild,” Joy said as she left, not wanting to see his sad face. The night, Brock and Dawn slept in they own rooms as Ash slept in his hospitil room while pikachu slept out the door.

Meanwhile, Glaceon was resting her head, but was awake. She was thinking of the person that saved her. She was wake for most of the ordea, and looked in to Ash’s brown eyes, the look in his eyes were , fear, detirmenasion, and love. She just could not help, but see those eyes again. She hopped off the table, wencen at pain of her whole body was telling her to stop, but she just ceped on going. She push the door open, and walk out sniffing the air. She had alot of time to get his sent. She walked down until she frond his room. She saw a Pikachu sleeping in front of the door, she walk around the sleeping pokemon and sceezied into the crack in the doorway. Once inside, she pushed the door shot, and then she turned and walked to Ash’s bed. She could see him in the moon light, when she got to the bed, she lowered her self, and jumped onto the bed.

“Ahh,” ash yeld as he was awaken by something jumping on the bed, his ajusted to the light and saw it was Glaceon. He sat up and said, “What are you doing up?” After he asked the question he just looked into Glaceon’s red eyes. With in secends of making eye contaked, Glaceon walk to Ash and licked his face. Ash inturned began to pet her on her back. She rolled over, and Ash began to rub her belly. She squermed up alittle, and made Ash rub her pussy Ash pulled away not knowing what she would do, but to Ash’s sirprice she got up and turned around and show him her wet pussy. Taking the hent, Ash put his mouth to the lips and licked the flureds out. It ran into his mouth and down his throat, and he loved the icey, cold tase. As he drank her cum. he began to become hard. Ash just had to try it, so he removed his boxers and got on his knees. He put his head at the lips, and the looked a Glaceon for the o.k.

She looked back at him, and then pushed back towards him. Ash then took hold of her hips, and slowy pushed into her. A shiver went up his spine as he began to push in and out of her ice, cold pussy. He had fight from cumming to earlie, but he was losing the battle. He began pump in and out of her faster, loving feeling of it being in her pussy. He could not take it any longer, and with one last thrust he shot his load into her. Ash had never came like that before, and he became limp he pulled out and layed down. Glaceon began to clean her self and she laid next to Ash falling asleep.

the next morning, Nurse Joy was frantic and was looking all over the center for her. She nerely stepped on Pjkachu as she looked in Ash room. She looked at Ash and Glaceon sleeping, she just smiled and closed the door. Later that day, Joy let Ash take Glaceon with him. She gave him some anti-biodics for Glaceon. From then on, Ash never asked Dawn to sleep with him and all he did was take Glaceon in his tent and fuck the ice hot pokemon.

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Pokemon Jessie Naked

Pokemon Jessie Naked

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Pictures Of Dawn From Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Naked

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Pokemon Having Sex Videos

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Pokemon + Sex

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Naked May From Pokemon

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